success stories from our clients


“Over the last year, we have had the privilege of being part of the Choong Sung Taekwondo family. We are a local home school family always looking for quality activities for our children to participate in. Choong Sung Taekwondo has been a wonderful addition to our schedule. It’s something our children continuously look forward to. While the art of Taekwondo is the focus, our children have learned so much more. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit is practices at each class and encouraged as a lifestyle. The instructors are thorough, patient and kind, and welcome all age groups. If you are looking for a positive caring environment to learn a wonderful skill in, the Choong Sung Taekwondo is exactly what you are looking for. We highly recommend Choong Sung Taekwondo.”
“Starting the sport at 58, I assumed that I would be limited in what I could accomplish. How wrong I was. Taekwondo is not an activity where you compete against others, but rather work to reach one’s fullest potential. The instructors nurture each individual, helping and encouraging them on their personal journey.”
–Anne Allen
"This club is my family. When my daughter turned seven, we, my wife daughter and I, joined this club, ostensibly to learn a new skill. Since day one, everyone has made our family feel welcome. They have been nothing but supportive of our goal to better ourselves. They have encouraged us, pushed us and pulled us. They have laughed with us and brought us WAY out of our comfort zone. All the Masters, along with all the other black belts, have been nothing but gracious and encouraging. If you’re looking for a family, not just another martial arts mill, look no further."
-The Lambert
“My great-grandchildren, Austin and Abby, were introduced to the Martial Arts through a program called Little Phoenix. They quickly advance to Taekwondo. The tenants of Taekwondo have improved their behavior and helped them excel in school. Austin’s self-control in class has impressed his teachers and his grades are improving. Abby has the self-confidence she lacked before Taekwondo. Everyone at Choong Sung Taekwondo, the Masters and all other ranks, are always willing to help any student. Everyone feels included as important-members of this family.”
–JoAnn Clark
"The instructors here TRULY care about you and your taekwondo journey. Master Josè Napolès is genuinely kind and simultaneously demanding of your personal best. I have a 9 year old daughter and it has been a blessing to watch her develop her personal execution of the tenants of taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit. Come for the lesson; leave with family."
-Robbie Lambert
"Overall a great martial arts school, Good TKD quality classes, and one of the best TKD Master I’ve known."
–Ivan Neri
“When I first began Taekwondo, it was mostly because my best friend was joining, and learning self-defense seemed pretty sweet to me. Over time, while I was learning how to kick and punch properly, I began seeing my peers and masters as one big Taekwondo family. While some have taken their own paths, I have learned something from every single one, regardless of age. Taekwondo has not only allowed me to grow stronger physically, but mentally, and as a seventeen-year-old about to graduate and go to college, this is vital when entering the world by myself. I have learned to be patient with others and myself. I have also developed more self-control (not just in sparring) and perseverance when taking my next steps in life (big and small, like taking the ACT or cleaning my messy room). I’m more than just glad I joined Taekwondo, and I will carry the lessons I’ve learned from everyone throughout my life.”
-Samantha Skelton
“I have been a part of Choong Sung Taekwondo for a while now, and try to do all I can to urge others to join. No matter your ability, no matter your strengths, no matter your weaknesses, these classes are for you. I have been a part of the club throughout my highest highs and lowest lows, and regardless have always been able to improve myself through the constant support and teachings of the instructors and my fellow students. Upon first entering the club, I suffered from a great deal of social anxiety. The close-knit relations I quickly formed with the other members helped me through this, and I have built up a confidence I didn't know I would ever be capable of. We are not just a school, we are a family, and regardless of your age or abilities, our family is for you. You will get more out of the classes than just a belt; you will mentally become a better and stronger you.”
-Rebecca Reynolds
“Choong Sung Taekwondo has been such a blessing to my family. When my daughter and I started this journey, I had no idea how much it would help both of us grow. My daughter has become such a more self-disciplined person and so much more confident in herself. While being a part of this journey with her I have grown as a parent and an individual person. At Choong Sung Taekwondo you have the feeling of belonging, family and friendship both inside the school and out.
-Amber Bobo
“When our granddaughter, Arianna, was nearly 5 we wanted to get her involved in something to help her learn teamwork and coordination. One of my calls were to Master Napoles at Choong Sung Taekwondo; and we soon realized that this is the place to be. Master Napoles and Mr. Allen have taught Arianna and the other Little Phoenix kids discipline, self-control, and so much more. They teach in a way to help young children learn at their developmental levels, and with patience and caring. Her coordination has improved so much in the 8 months we’ve been coming to Choong Sung Taekwondo. The teachers and all the other ranks show such caring which really helps a shy 5-year old come out of her shell. When Arianna started full day (5 days per week) kindergarten, she would be very tired after school, but when it was time for Taekwondo on Tuesdays and Thursdays she was and is always excited to go. To her, it is like going to play with her friends"
-Jason & Esther Crago



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